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Aura Kingdom

If you have been looking for a great place to make new friends, battle creatures and other players, and still have a lot of fun, then you need Aura Kingdom. Here you will have a chance to do all that and more. Create a character and begin your journey by completing tasks and quests.

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Blade & Soul

First, you’re going to make a character for yourself from the four different races that are offered, each will have their own unique characteristics and appearances. Be careful when choosing, as three of the four races gives you the options of being a male or a female, however, one of them only lets you be one.

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Elsword Online

If you are looking for something that will keep you on your toes, that is packed through and through with plenty of action, if so, this is where you want to be. It is full of excitement, and has numerous stages for you to enjoy. It offers missions all through the journey.

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Royal Quest

Royal Quest will give you a chance to play through a unique storyline that will offer you an endless amount of fun. You will be able to play through unique quests, complete tasks, meet friends, and even battle plenty of enemies just to prove your strength to the world. Gain riches and become famous.

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Dream of Mirror

Enter a world where friendship, stories, and fantasy all meet and come together in a magical world. Dream of Mirror will allow you to take out enemies or just have a good time with your friends completing quests. Explore a vast world and see what your real strengths are.

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Ragnarok Online II

Odin betrayed the goddess Freyja and it brought a darkness into the world but a single light shown and it was a child who would be the incarnation of Baldr. The child would be called Chaos. Chaos battled Freyja and won but monsters still invade the land. Destroy the monsters and bring peace back.

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Divine Souls

If you are a fan of dungeon crawling, then you are going to love Divine Souls. Here you will be fighting your way through dungeons to improve them. Perform cool combo moves during your battles so that you can level up quicker and build your character up. There are plenty of quests and task to complete.

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Journey to Japan and show the world just how great you are in Onigiri. Here you will have a chance to create a character, battle enemies and other people from all over the globe. You will be able to explore, fight, and collect rewards that you can use to improve your character in the world.

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Journey to the World of 12 in Wakfu. You can complete many journeys such as climbing Mt Zinit just to find the Ogrest. The Ogre is feared by the lands and he has left the world in ruins. It is up to you to help rebuild the world to be what it once was. Craft items or battle enemies in this unique world.

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Twin Saga

In this anime action based fantasy RPG, which is a Massive Multiplayer Online, if you are not busy battling, you will be busy falling in love. Your role is on the side of the good Goddess, and will be working against her twin, the evil Goddess. There are also many quests to participate in.

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Fiesta Online

There will be plenty of exploring for you to do in this virtual world, and to get there faster you will be able to use different devices, and animals, to move you around. On the way through this journey the merchants will be able to give you riding skills, which will be needed for using devices or animals to get around.

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Seal Online

You will be choosing one of three towns offered to start out your fun here. If you are wanting the easy town, choose the one where the newbie game is. There are seven classes for you to pick from, and lots of different transportation, which you are going to be needing in order to get from one town to another one.

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