Games Like Shikihime Garden

Here is a list of games that are similar to Games Like Shikihime Garden.

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga brings a bit of a twist to the usual gameplay, with one uncommon feature being transformable mounts. Not only are you going to have mounts that help you travel the massive maps faster, but you can work towards transforming them into better mounts!

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Odin Quest

Odin Quest is a good place for those who enjoy gathering loot, and item collectors. There is never a shortage of loot dropped from hunts, and this can be handy. You will journey through the storyline by doing quests, and meeting people along your way. This is filed with Norse mythology.

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Serenia Fantasy

If you are wanting something with enough different things to keep you busy for a long time, Serenia Fantasy is the one for you. There are pets that will aid you along the way, many costumes to choose, and mounts that you can travel on. It also has a retro design.

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Wonderland Online

There are various game modes available in Wonderland Online which will take you through some intriguing storyline, landscapes and creatures. You may find it to become addicting, a you make friends who enjoy the same thing you do. What are you waiting for, jump into Wonderland today!

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Pirate King

In Pirate King you are able to take to the seas, create a legacy or be the king of the seas, it’s up to you. You are going to love this if you are a pirate fan, as have thousands of others. You will be able to make friends in the great community, and there are many things for a pirate king to do.

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Monkey King Online

Get ready to start an adventure in the Monkey King Online! With four classes to choose from, you will be starting out being released from a prison sentence of 500 years. You will get a feel of things on the first few missions before really getting into the adventure.

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NosTale is set up to help you level quickly at the start, that way you can get a feel of the game and learn how to do your skills and take down enemies before it gets more challenging. This is a great approach for those new to the genre, and there is a pet system that allows you to train and capture pets.

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Angels Online

Angels Online is the place to be for anyone who enjoys collecting loot and crafting their own in-game items. There is a detailed crafting system that will give you many things to stay busy with, and the more you craft the more you will learn how to create useful items.

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HeroCraft Z

In HeroCraft Z there are over 50 heroes to collect and you will be taking on the role of saving the world of Azeroth. If you have what it takes, create your character and get started. There are various modes, including multiplayer, campaign, and co-op available as well.

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Luna Online: Reborn

While Luna Online: Reborn only provides three class types, there are many more classes to choose from, well over 100 actually. As you level, your class will branch out, and become more powerful with each transition. Which path will you choose for your new character?

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Twin Saga

In Twin Saga you are going to have a small learning curve that allows you to get the hang of things quickly. You will have various battle options too, including ultimate moves which give you powerful finishes to destroy your foes. You’ll collect the energy for these moves as you fight monsters.

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