Edward Elric Games

Here’s a list of games that feature Edward Elric.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Quest for the Philosphers Stone


On your quest in Fullmetal Alchemist: Quest for the Philosphers Stone, you are going to have a lot to do and a lot of places to go. You need to jump, run, and find your way to the end, making sure not to fall and not to fail. It is challenging, but plenty exciting.

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Flameout 2


Just like the previous game, Flameout 2 is going to have you shooting down opponents as Roy Mustang. Use your flames to take down the monsters and get closer to saving Lennon. Unlike the previous, however, you are going to move and it is far more difficult right from the start.

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Play as Roy Mustang in Flameout. You have enemies on every side of you during your practice and you are going to need to be as quick as possible in order to win. Take them all out, get big combo hits, and make sure that none of them come close to touching you.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Upwards


In Fullmetal Alchemist Upwards, you are heading up. You have to jump and jump, playing as Ed, until you reach the very top. Make sure to avoid the pits and the falls, however, because that is going to land you right where you began, losing you a life in the process.

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State Alchemy Exam


State Alchemy Exam is a puzzle game that is unlike any other that you have played. You are taking the alchemy exam, as you might have realized, and you are going to need to get everything just right in order to succeed. It is challenging, but a lot of fun to do.

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