Doraemon Games

Here’s a list of games that feature Doraemon.

Doraemon Dress Up


Doraemon Dress Up gives you the chance to dress up the adorable Doraemon. Choose his accessories, facial expression, and clothing so that he is looking fantastic, ready to face whatever the day has ahead of him. Play with combinations and see what you can do with him that looks great.

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Doraemon Guess Letters


Doraemon Guess Letters is a simple yet enjoyable game for all ages. Doraemon is going to hide letters under blocks, and you are going to have to guess what those letters are. Remove each block until you get an idea, but be careful because removing blocks takes away points.

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Doraemon Memorize Colors


For the fans of Doraemon and puzzles, Doraemon Memorize Colors is one of the best games out there. You can choose the difficulty that works for you and you can complete various puzzles. Whether you are not rather skilled with puzzles or you are an expert, this is a fun game to play.

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Doraemon: Run Dora Run


Doraemon is trying to get the comic book back from Giant in Doraemon: Run Dora Run and you have to help him! You are going to hit the arrow keys at the exact time they hit the mark, making sure that Doraemon has all of the right moves in order to stay well ahead of Giant.

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Doraemon Vs Mario


Doraemon Vs Mario is a mixture of a racing game and a bike balancing game. You are going to choose between Mario and Doraemon and then make your way to the finish line, making sure that you do not fall over and trying to collect all of the coins in the process.

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Doraemon Tank Attack


Someone gave Doraemon a tank in Doraemon Tank Attack and now he is destroying everyone else. Help him by taking down soldiers and enemy tanks, picking up power ups, and avoiding getting hit. It can be difficult at times, but the mayhem and action is a lot of fun for everyone.

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Doraemon Racing


Doraemon Racing is a fun game where you have to race as Doraemon or one of his friends and try to avoid falling. You have to balance yourself on the bike and make your way to the finish line while collecting all of the bells that you see. Be careful, though, because this game is not as easy as it sounds.

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Doraemon Super Ride


Doraemon is going on a super adventure in Doraemon Super Ride! Choose his bike and then ride across various maps, collecting all of the bells along the way. Just make sure that you balance your bike, too, because a fall will put an end to your adventure right away, making you start over.

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Doraemon mystery


You have to help Doraemon out in Doraemon mystery. If you think you have what it takes to solve a mystery and come out successful, then try your luck. If you are good enough, you may find all of the answers and solve this mystery for Doraemon yourself, and all with ease.

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Doraemon Bowling


Anyone who loves a good bowling game will want to start playing Doraemon Bowling. This game is going to give you Doraemon themed bowling, an experience that all will adore! The game is easy to play so get started right away to see just how high of a score you can get.

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Doraemon On Scooter


Doraemon On Scooter is all about being quick and on target. You have to move around various obstacles on a scooter, take the scooter off jumps, and try to win in as little time as possible in order to get a high score. It is simple but it does have quite a few challenges.

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Doraemon Hunger Run


Help Doraemon grab all of the food and head to safety in Doraemon Hunger Run. You are going to need to make jumps that are dangerous and you are going to need to grab all of the food that you see in order to get as high of a score as you can possibly get.

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Doraemon Jigsaw Puzzle


For a fun time, try your hand at Doraemon Jigsaw Puzzle. This game is a wonderful little challenge for any Doraemon or puzzle fan. Put together all of the pieces to get the completed image and enjoy the cute Doraemon theme that is offered here, and all in one simple package.

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Doraemon Copter


Doraemon Copter requires fast and accurate movements. You have to move your way around explosives and animals, grab the food, and get as high of a score as you can possibly get. It is a dangerous game, but one worth playing if you are a fan of Doraemon and excitement.

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Doraemon Fishing


Doraemon finds himself fishing in Doraemon Fishing. Help him by catching as many fish as you can, getting as high of a score as you can get. Watch out, though, because catching a shark will mean game over for you, so be careful about where you throw your line in this water.

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